Allied Digital's Anti-Theft Service

What is it

Intel® Anti-Theft Technology is an intelligent way for you to help secure the mobile assets of your workforce. This intelligent security technology is available on 4 generations of laptops based on Intel® Core™ and Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor families. This technology is built into the processor, so this will be activated even before the laptops startup and will work even without internet as it is hardwired and it is completely tamper proof. If a laptop is lost or stolen when the user is out of the office, the laptop can be shut down and rendered useless to thieves. It not only helps protect the intellectual property of your company at the pre-boot level but also allows for fast reinstatement of a laptop without damage to information, should the laptop be recovered.

"Protecting confidential business data and assets is the top concern for most CIOs and CISOs”, said Anand Pashupathy, General Manager of Intel’s Anti-Theft Technology business unit. “The hardware-based protection offered by Intel® Anti-Theft Technology complements data encryption to provide the necessary multi-layered security. Intel is excited that Allied Digital is leveraging its expertise in cloud-based disaster proof service delivery and offering Intel Anti-Theft Technology based laptop protection service."

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