Enterprise monitoring software for a large automobile client

Enterprise monitoring software for a large automobile client


  • Multiple Locations with widespread device monitoring.
  • Multiple OS & Database, multi-vendor devices on-premise and cloud deployments.
  • Multiple solutions for monitoring devices and applications.
  • Multiple dealer networks with real-time order booking and hence application monitoring on the availability and uptime dependency.
  • No granular information on the root cause for downtime.
  • No Analytics to understand analysis of network data and statistics to identify trends and patterns.
  • No real-time performance, reliability & visibility of the devices and applications.

The existing tool though had a higher TCO but did not guarantee performance.


Design, configuration, and implementation of an EMS to monitor enterprise systems, networks, and applications.


  • A complete study of the Existing IT Infrastructure spread of the customer.
  • Detailed documentation on the device and application types to be monitored.
  • Detailed understanding of the KPI to be monitored both from the device types and applications.
  • Implementation and configuration of PRTG and onboarding the devices for Monitoring as per the KPI.
  • Implementation of PRTG – SAP Monitor for monitoring the Application at the transaction level.
  • Implementation of Martello (analytics platform) does drive analytics to discover, analyze, and solve any IT issue before it becomes a problem.

Technology Enablers

  • PRTG Enterprise Monitor
  • Martello IQ - Analytics

Automation Benefits

  • Full visibility on each device type, Network & Application performance.
  • In-depth analysis of network data and statistics to identify trends and patterns.
  • In-depth analysis and reporting on the RCA.
  • Increased uptime – and faster incident resolution.
  • Became service-oriented – by grouping IT monitoring tools into business services.
  • Better visibility of Service Level Agreement compliance.
  • Show IT value – by sharing dashboards with the organization that shows improved service levels.

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