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Events - Ensec2011

Ensec 2011 is the series of Enterprise IT Security and Risk Governance sessions. Managing business critical security functions to ensure uninterrupted flow of day to day operations has now become a critical discussion during board room meetings. Hence the objective of the session was to enable the organization to build an efficient/effective risk free environment for enhanced business performance . The topics of discussion included Mobile application & security, Social media and security, consumerization, advanced persistent threats, the future of national cyber security, cloud computing and security, securing the virtualized data centre, critical infrastructure protection, fraud detection, end point security, data loss prevention, identity management, information security metrics. The atmosphere at this session was charged with excitement that yeilded big ideas and actionable solutions. Almost over 30 delegates from across the world attended this knowledge rich session.


    Paresh Shah, Director, Technology Solutions, Allied Digital

    Welcome adress and overview

    Enterprise Security - the X-Ray of An Organization

    Paresh Shah


    Sanjiv Patki, Global VP, Allied Digital & Industry Architect, Allied Digital

    Adressing the security challenges

    Protecting the pulse of the enterprise

    Sanjiv Patki


    Upen Sachdev, Director & Security Achitect, Allied Digital

    Your business is under security attack

    Where is your data and why should you care?

    Upen Sachdev


    Dr. Deepak Shikarpur, Chairman, IT committe, MCCIA

    IT advances and its impact on security

    Dr. Deepak Shikarpu


    Anthony Chan, Director, e- Cop-Singapore

    Managed It Security

    How does Singapore combat cyber threats?

    Anthony Chan


    Prof. Venugopal Iyenger, Reknowned expert on Compliance

    Compliance vs conformance

    Standards speak

    Prof. Venugopal Iyenger


    Mr. Srinibas Sahoo, CIO, DSP Merrill Lynch BlackRock

    Social Media challenges & best practices

    Secure transaction on the cloud

    Mr. Srinibas Sahoo


    Mr. Manish Grover/Tejas, Nexus AB

    Enterprise access control

    Authentication and data Protection

    Mr. Manish Grover


    Events - Ensec2011


    Date: 19th August, 2011

    Venue: Le Meridien Hotel , Pune , India











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