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Depot On-Line Tracking System

Our new logistics management system is application with the complete web & mobile interfaces in-built. Its take care of Depot/warehouse order fulfillment & distribution, purchasing, inventory asset tracking, movements, configuration work orders, storage, billing and invoicing.
The system also has the ability to perform pick up and transfer of materials from various customer locations and track Customer / Vendor Own Inventory & all other logistics activities as well.

WOTS allows you to:

  • Efficiently manage and track the inventory.
  • Online Customer & Vendor Self Service & Reporting Portal .
  • Ability to track the complete life cycle of one pickup or service request.
  • Mult-Tenant client architecture, each can be with different practices, processes and billing schedules.
  • Ever-growing customer demands for real-time information.
  • Barcode / RFID scanning and other technology-based solutions to increase warehouse efficiency.
  • Powerful graphical dashboards & reporting and Status Updates capabilities.
  • Instant global inventory visibility (for customers).
  • Automatically notify customers via email of key warehouse events (e.g., receipts, shipments etc.)
  • Provide your customers with online access to standard and customizable reports- allowing them to view real-time inventory status, shipment status, parcel tracking information - and more.
  • Integration ability to talk to various backend ERP’s like SAP / Oracle (for invoicing & finance transaction) through EDI or AS2 interfaces.

Depot Online Tracking System

1) Maintain total visibility and control- eliminating time-wasting phone calls with customer service department.
2) Full order management with direct EDI support, order imports from Excel, or manual data entry.
3) .Receive, store, pick and report on material by barcoded Pallet & Box ID number
4) Send advance shipment notifications (ASN) electronically to suppliers or retailers
5) Mobile barcode scanning for increased accuracy
6) Manage full kitting and assembly process
7) Min Max inventory Reporting and Control.
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