A large automobile manufacturing company based in Mumbai

A large automobile manufacturing company based in Mumbai


The scope was to Implement a comprehensive, BigData based security SIEM platform.

  • Enable correlation of logs and anomaly driven analysis for over 5400 enterprise devices.
  • Fast query time for analysis of incidents.
  • Solution requirement with high-availability mode
  • Sophisticated and constantly changing threat landscape
  • Quicker installation timeframes
  • The Solution should run any query (simple, complex, built-in or out- of-box) & provide the query response within 30 seconds.,
  • Faster response times while at the same time ensuring compliance and quality of 5700 + Core infra assets
  • integrate all existing and proposed future IT infrastructure setup including Security solutions.
Team work and motivation


Implemented SIEM Platform with SOAR capabilities and enhanced security operations


Allied Digital done successful integration of next generation Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution for following -5700+ core DC infra equipment’s & technologies
Such as AIX, CentOS Linux, CentOS-Cisco, IOS, Linux, Vmware, Windows
DB2, ESSBASE, MS SQL, Oracle, MS SQL Web Edition, My SQL, SAP MaxDB
Routers, Core & Access Switches, Application Load Balancer, Firewall, Ips/Ids, San switches, Tor switches, VPN Concentrators, an Accelerator, Websense, Wap

Two professionals discussing ideas
Technology integration of future

Automation benefits

  • improved security posture and thus ensures the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the customer's assets and business services.
  • Advanced threat monitoring & Detection, accelerated incident investigation of suspected incidents with increasingly automated triage, prioritization and validation of alerts based on context-specific data.
  • Faster incident response by analytical tools, incident management tools and reporting, liberates security analysts to spend less time doing research and more time doing analysis.
  • Improved one keypress User activity reports, Configuration change reports, Incident tracking reports, attack source reports

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