Edible Oil and Bio Diesel Arm of a Conglomerate based in Kolkata

Edible Oil and Bio Diesel Arm of a Conglomerate based in Kolkata


Traditional solutions on-premises, but no ready solution available. This was the trigger for innovation.

This assignment project required mastery in project management apart from cloud skills, innovative project planning, and teamwork.


The goal of the assignment was to transform the end-user applications and services by leveraging cloud technologies. That would enable them to operate seamlessly anytime, anywhere on any device, securely and efficiently.

Migrate diverse user base including roaming and factory users to full-scale office 365 platform on Azure.

  • Huge mailboxes on end-user laptops & no standard tool to migrate Zimbra mailboxes to outlook without taking a downtime of the mailboxes.
  • Over 40 per cent of users were roaming, not working out of offices, rolling out VPN and SCCM was a big challenge.
  • AD data required major cleansing of user data with new policy setups.
  • Install Office365 on each user's laptop at their convenience.


Enabling technology, product or customer service excellence.

  • The solution implemented was Azure Cloud Service implementation for end users.
  • The solution consisted of
    • AD implementation in the cloud including sync with on-premise AD
    • Full-scale implementation of Office365 including collaborative solutions such as Teams, Yammer, Sharepoint, etc. including OneDrive
    • Mailbox migration from Zimbra to outlook
    • VPN access implementation with Multi-factor authentication
  • Implementation of SCCM

Automation benefits

  • Major transformation experience for the Client.
  • This directly improved the end-user productivity. The end users now had a new seamless low maintenance Office365 platform with the ability to work from any device, anywhere.
  • A huge difference in security, as a seamless authentication and access control process, was in place.
  • Improved compliance, which would be over 50%, as licensing management, patch management became easier and security and data privacy also improved significantly.
  • Collaborative applications brought huge value to end-user productivity.
  • In summary, a huge difference in terms of end-user experience.
  • Cost savings in IT operations, which can be quantified as 20-30% for long term of 3+ years.

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