Large Petrochemical complex in Assam

Large Petrochemical complex in Assam


The client wanted to streamline and centralize security management. Manage security effectively with limited staff. Increase visibility across the extended enterprise. Minimize time from detection of threats to protection.

Team work and motivation


Support Client with Comprehensive AMC for Operation & Maintenance of Implement Mcafee. Make IT-Components at Primary Data Centre Lepetkata And Disaster Recovery Centre at Noida.


Deployment of various end point security technologies
FE Email Gateway, MFE EP Threat Protection, MFE Web Gateway, MFE Web & Email Protection Suite
McAfee Advanced Threat Defence
McAfee Complete Endpoint Threat Protection
McAfee Endpoint Security
McAfee Endpoint Threat Defence and Response

Two professionals discussing ideas
Technology integration of future


  • Secure environment, Compliance
  • Improved operating efficiencies will further drive down costs.
  • Enhance endpoint security to best in class model

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