Leading Stock Exchange in India

Leading Stock Exchange in India


One of the most critical assets of the country. The core objective of this project was to set up a Command and Control Centre and provide complete end-to-end security to the premises.

Team work and motivation


  • To set up an IP-based CCTV Surveillance and Access Control System for the premise.
  • To set up an IP network, Server, and Storage for the Surveillance and physical access and security systems.
  • Integration of a fire alarm system, panic button alarm system, walkie-talkie systems of security personnel, public address system at the Command and Control Centre.

Solution & Technology Enablers

Deployment of CISCO UCS servers, storage IP Interoperability & collaboration system for voice communication, and deployment of voice logger system.

IP CCTV camera infrastructure, access control system, IP network for physical security and surveillance.

Setting up a Command and Control Centre comprising of unified physical security infrastructure operation management application system, a video wall for monitoring. integrating and controlling various systems like a video management system, access control System, IPICS for Voice communication system, fire alarm system, panic button alarm system

Two professionals discussing ideas
Technology integration of future


This project helped reduce unauthorized person entry to the premises.

  • The Centralized Command and Control Center have helped the Client in monitoring suspicious movement of people moving within the premise as well as the perimeter. Improved operating efficiencies will further drive down costs.

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