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Remote Device Management (RDMS)

Overiew of Remote Device Management

Allied Digital's Remote Device Management Services (RDMS) offering takes on the responsibilities of day to day end user device management freeing your team to work on strategic initiatives. Our remote management experts perform the daily activities required to keep your end user device secure and operational.

Utilizing the best-in-class remote management and automated tools, our distinctive 'cloud-based cloud-enabled' infrastructure offers flexible and scalable solutions. This accommodates both evolving technologies as well as changing market demands. It enables clients to remain competitive while implementing customized Cloud and Virtualization strategies.

What We Offer of Remote Management Services

Our cloud based remote device management services gives you total control over the end user devices by utilizing following offerings:

  • Remote OS and Software Distribution
  • Software license compliance and utilization management
  • End Point Security Monitoring & Alerting
  • Online Back-Up and Profile Migration
  • Policy-based and Patch Management
  • Power Management for "green initiatives"
  • Asset Management (hardware/software)
  • Remote Takeover
  • Robust Reporting Dash Board in your customizable Reporting Portal

Business Value of Remote Management Services

Allied Digital experience in delivering remote management services over the cloud to more than 2.5 million desktops and notebooks globally has helped our clients with:

  • Reduced Cost of Ownership for your PC Fleet
  • Convert PC Management from a Capital Expense to an Operational Expense
  • Protect and Secure Corporate Assets
  • Reduce Compliance and Audit Exposure
  • Increase User Productivity and Satisfaction
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