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Allied Digital's Advisory Services provides access to an expert team of experienced risk management professionals that can consult and help develop components of your Information Security Management System program.

We are one of the few organizations in United States to have an ISO/IEC 27001:2005 and 20000-1 certified delivery center which makes us consultant of choice of reputable multinational organizations. We strive to develop a very close relationship with our clients.

What We Offer

Allied Digital take the responsibility of ensuring an adequate Information Security posture through our Security consulting Managed Security Services. Our advisory team will work closely with you on every aspect of Information Security. Some of our key advisory services Include:

  • Virtual CISO: Allied Digital offers a virtual CSO program to provide access to industry-leading security experts. These programs are designed using a modular approach - Allied Digital’s services can be dovetailed into any existing security architecture to provide ongoing security protection and incremental improvement.
  • Security Policy and Procedure Development: Allied Digital’s security policy and procedure development methodology ensures security policies and procedures provide the appropriate governance and guidance and are effectively adopted within an organization. Our security policy and procedure development method includes the following tasks:
    • Review existing security policies and procedures.
    • Review security organization and security responsibility
    • Determine security policy framework
    • Identify internal subject matter experts
    • Develop draft and final versions of security policies and procedures.
  • Business Impact Assessment (BIA): Business Impact Assessment (BIA) helps you in the business continuity planning process, ensuring that senior management allocates resources in the most cost-effective way to balance operational continuity with business needs. BIA methodologies should not only provide a technical assessment of business impacts but also a business justification for disaster recovery and business continuity plans. The goal of this assessment is to help an organization understand their critical business systems and develop business continuity and/or a disaster recover plan that is customized for the organization.
  • Disaster Recovery Planning: DRP helps you to develop a tailored and flexible plan that is easy to use when recovery activities are activated. Specific objectives to achieve this goal include:
    • Define the components of the plan.
    • Select team leaders, members and alternates based upon functional areas who may be involved in the plan development and initial walkthrough of the plan.
    • Develop procedures that address and document the steps for responding to a crisis event, recovering operational capability and resuming critical business functions and eventually restoring all functions to “business as usual”.
    • Ensure important decisions are made and documented in the plan.
    • Review completed plans with senior management to confirm approach and assumptions.
    • Reassess work program and schedule and make necessary adjustments.

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