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Video Surveillance

Allied Digital integrates a comprehensive range of cameras from various OEM’s for specific viewing conditions such as day / night and Total Darkness. Various recording options including Network Video Recorder/ Encoder for networked and IP cameras, Stand alone Digital Video Recorder and PC Based Digital Video Recorder Cards are provided for meeting customer’s exact requirements.

Apart from Surveillance, CCTV clips provides valuable video records for observing various processes such as manufacturing, customer servicing and loading / unloading of goods for management analysis and corrective measures.

Allied Digital provides sophisticated Video analytics for detection and analysis of human movement in sensitive areas for timely and effective action and for counting number of visitors in a mall.

Digital CCTV technology makes it easier to deploy cameras at strategic locations in a factory, warehouse, ATM, Malls or any location and view and record the images conveniently anywhere using a Local Area /Wide Area/ Wi – Fi / Wimax Network. Allied Digital meets the demand for experience in IT, Networking and Storage Solution for successful system installation.

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