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Disaster Recovery (DR) Hosting Services


Disaster Recovery (DR) is an essential component for all businesses that need to protect their mission and business critical information, applications and data. The problem has been that DR has not traditionally been very cost effective, especially for small to medium sized enterprises. Allied Digital DR Hosting solution was specifically designed to be very comprehensive and highly affordable.

What We Offer

Allied Digital Disaster Recovery (DR) Hosting was designed to be affordable and to provide immediate and comprehensive resolution to any breakdown / disaster with mission and business critical systems.

We provide an entire range of flexible options including cloud based as well as custom DR solutions and services. And in the event of a disaster or technology failure, our process driven services will ensure that users will be able to do productive work almost immediately after a disaster has occurred.

Business Value

  • Real-time replication of data and logs which helps us to monitor and manage customer infrastructure without any interruptions.
  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) assurance, both of which are continuously monitored.
  • Multiple connectivity options to ensure that all of our sites that constitute the DR Framework always remain functional.
  • High availability of critical data, while less critical is backed-up and restored in an appointed DR site.
  • Accuracy and quality of data routinely tested through frequent restoration drills.
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