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IT Optimization and Modernization


In today’s changing business environment, businesses increasingly rely on their IT infrastructure and support. Companies face demands for new products and services, including global support for operations and integration with business partners, alliances and their customer applications. It is the network, servers, applications; the data center and storage sites that are driving business strategy and success. Streamlining these components is an essential, yet complex task.

Allied Digital’s Infrastructure Optimization & Modernization practice provides the roadmap to achieve greater value and performance for organisations’ IT investments in today’s challenging economic climate. The formation of finely-tuned IT infrastructure requires critical assessment and change – across the organization.

What We Offer

An incremental optimization and modernization approach leading to a service-driven IT architecture can provide flexibility to meet the challenging business needs. These solutions help clients cost effectively and incrementally evolve core IT systems towards modern architectures and technologies, reducing maintenance burden and freeing up more resources to develop new business requirements and capabilities.

Allied Digital’s IT Optimization and Modernization services is a CIO-Assist/Partner service that involves formulating your IT strategy that helps the business handle dynamics as well as get a holistic X-ray of the enterprise and of course, play a catalyst role in business transformation.

Our tailored services include:

  • Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture Consulting Services
  • Cloud Assessment Services
  • Enterprise Infrastructure Planning Services
  • Security Audit and Assessment

With our experienced worldwide staff and professional services consultants, Allied Digital helps implement solutions and support organisations’ staff throughout the entire infrastructure optimisation and modernization process from discovery, analysis, modelling and design to assembly, test, deployment and management.

Business Value

With our innovative and cutting edge expertise, our clients accrue several benefits.

  • Plan right and design right: Our highly experienced consultants will work with your IT and business team to achieve your business goals that may be to have agile IT infrastructure, cost-effective IT setup, compliance needs and roadmap clarity.
  • Optimize system and processes: Help you to optimize your systems and processes to provide global access to corporate data, rapid deployment of new technologies, faster adoption of new business processes and improved global systems performance.
  • Unbolt the core business application components by reusing proven, time-tested applications that can lower risk, reduce costs and speed time to market.
  • Reduce support costs by avoiding duplication of application components and information.
  • Enhance overall technology profile by reducing integration complexity and resolving maintenance hotspots to establish a more agile application portfolio.
  • Flexible reuse and connectivity of core application assets and information across your enterprise
  • Minimize skill silos and areas of isolated development.
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