Assembly (At Depot)

  • Assemble and test equipment
  • Provide facilities to kit equipment to ship to stores or other customer business locations

Configuration (At Depot)

  • Configure equipment to Customer specifications
  • Provide receiving, shipping and logistic services for equipment

What We Offer

  • Customer has a centralized ownership of P&L.:- SLA and Customer Satisfaction with support of our ticketing policy.
  • Multilingual Country Managers: – Local operations- and- relationship management in each country.
  • Native Service Delivery Managers:- Operational management, training and quality control in each country.
  • Native site leads and technicians: Directly dispatched with 3rd party backfill and peak support.

Business Value

1. Quality Policy:

Our VDI solution contribute significantly to minimize OPEX, CAPEX and overall TCO and provide the following advantages:

  • Proactive SLA insurance
  • Project Independent
  • Cross-border with direct technician reach
  • Real time quality scorecard
  • Root cause analyses for every failed case

2. Performance Reports:

Performance Reports shows customers, product, region related data and are presented via mail, on web fronted or mobile devices depending on customer requirements.

3. Multivendor Capabilities:

Logistic Centres:
    • Repair-/Staging-capacity 50,000 events per month
    • Storage capacity 12,000 m²
    • Repairs of TV’s, PC’s, notebooks, Tablet PC’s and NAS Systems
    • Storage capacity 1,500 m²
    • Repair-/Staging-capacity 20,000 events per month
    • Storage capacity 4,000 m²
    • Encompassing warehousing and a converged network staging area
    • Storage capacity 1000 m²