Allied Digital has an extensive functional and technical experience supporting logistic operations, particularly in the area of distribution planning and transportation. As a strategic partner, we are helping the overall effectiveness, efficiency and alignment of enterprise wide distribution activities and ensure synchronized transportation and distribution worldwide.

What We Offer

We offer a broad range of solutions and tools that manage contingency planning, logistic portfolios, asset deployment and distribution. Clients rely on our expertise and process excellence for smooth deployments and refreshes of a mix of products for their end-user environment. Our managed deployment services encompass planning, forecasting, procurement, integration, staging and tagging; while our service extension options include installation, data migration, asset disposal and refresh management.

Business Value

Clients benefit from our deployment services as follows:

  • Improve end-user satisfaction and increase productivity while controlling costs.
  • Single deployment solution for desktop servers and notebooks.
  • Reduce cost of deployment and management of IT systems by adopting centralized distribution process.