At Allied Digital, life for an employee is full of excitement and challenging opportunities. With an unprecedented growth in the last few years, Allied Digital is poised to take a giant leap in its preferred space of offering Services and Solutions to all its clients. With more then 2000+ committed professionals, Experienced and Result oriented Management team headed by a Visionary par excellence and an ever growing tribe of hungry for success Allied Digitalites, Success is a foregone conclusion for Allied Digital.

As an employer, Allied Digital believes in the process of “Meritocracy”. Irrespective of the time you have spent in Allied Digital, you have an equal opportunity to grow as Performance is the determining criteria for your growth. As Allied Digital has various verticals that it caters to, your growth potential is not only limited to a particular segment, but it can be an exponential growth if you have the drive.

Opportunities at Allied Digital are in practically every sphere of activity as we have a wide array of offerings that could fit your profile. You could click on the Careers page and explore the avenues for yourself and see which profile best fits your expectations and experience. Whether you are looking for a position in Sales or a Technocrat, we will look for the best fit for you and assess you and your credentials

With all India presence in more than 120 locations and 12 Branch offices your growth is not limited to a particular region but, could be used by us at any location that we have our presence at. Our clientele across the globe would also give you a chance to meet your aspirations if you are looking for a international career.

Training and Development are a constant part of the Allied Digital calendar and you would have ample opportunities to upgrade your skills at technology as well as non technical skills. With a wealth of talent already available at Allied Digital, “Mentoring” you and taking you forward to the to the next level is our responsibility if you have the inclination.

Your career at Allied Digital would be a rewarding experience as at Allied Digital we believe that no job is complete without the right person and you would be a vital contributor in our success. We believe your success is our way forward, so we would leave no stone unturned to uplift you with us.

“Being together & growing together” is what we at Allied Digital believe in. So come and join us in scaling new heights in the IT sector

Allied Digital follows an open-door policy, in which a manager, CEO, president or supervisor leaves their office door "open" in order to encourage communication among the lower employees of the company. Employees are encouraged to stop by whenever they feel the need to speak. This practice is viewed as a morale booster by letting employees feel as if they're able to openly speak with their reporting managers about numerous issues face-to-face, rather than by other means, such as e-mail or voice mail etc.

The actual implementation of an open-door policy for the purpose of addressing grievances or complaints should be handled very carefully. It is always the preferred method to immediately solve the problems of the employee. This sends out a great message to all the employees that their voice is being heard.

An open door policy guarantees that employees can go above their reporting Manager to seek assistance from the boss's supervisor. An open door policy provides employee access to any manager or supervisor including the CEO.

Open Door Policy
At Allied Digital, performance is paramount. We have extensive measurement systems and incentive schemes to identify and encourage performance. In this way, extra effort that you put toward client satisfaction will quickly be recognized. Rewards, promotions and growth opportunities are based on performance. We do not differentiate our people with any criteria other than performance.All employees receive the same workspace, amount of employee leave time, benefits and travel allowances. Everyone has the same dress code and the same entitlements. Criteria that determine incentives are uniformly applied. Salaries, however, vary based on experience and performance.Mutual trust and respect define our employee relationships. There is no enforced dress code – we understand that attire has little bearing on your integrity or competence. Open 24 hours every day, our office has cafeterias. We spare no effort to create a work environment that is flexible, informal, supportive and empowering.
Employee Welfare Programs
Publicize Good Performances: We highlight, make an announcement in the monthly Newsletter, by sending an email or by displaying the names of the employees who outperform others or achieve any milestone in their professional career where other employees can look at them; This encourages others to give their best.This Program is established to recognize outstanding employees and to acknowledge their contributions to the Organization. The program hopes to encourage quality work, process or continuous improvement, teamwork, savings, customer service and a high level of dedication.We ensure maximum number of participants on such events so that employees are also motivated to do something more than the monotonous work.
Another strong tool to hear employees’ voice is “whistleblower” . We have created an ID on which mails cab be sent by the employees who raise a concern about misconduct occurring in the organization. The revealed misconduct may be classified in many ways; for example, a violation of a law, rule, regulation, health/safety violations, corruption, Sexual indiscrimination etc.

Current Opening

Chief Financial Officer – U.S. Operations :
Based at company headquarters offices at 680 Knox Street, Suite 200, Torrance, CA 90502.
Conceptualize, implement and oversee company financial procedures, consistent with both U.S. and Indian accounting, financial and regulations requirements. Oversee maintenance and finalization of Accounts, Audits, Working Capital management, banking, credit line, profit monitoring and building internal financial controls. Oversee compilation and preparation of financial information so that outside accountants in both the U.S. and India can complete tax returns. Coordinate audits of company accounts and financial transactions to ensure compliance with U.S. state and federal requirements and statutes, and Indian audit requirements. Oversee compilation, and periodic reporting, of company finances and accounts to overseas parent, in appropriate format for India accounting standards, for consolidation in overseas parent’s periodic and annual statements. Look after international cross border taxes. Review intra-company transactions to determine composition of consolidated financial statements. Liaison with CPAs in U.S. and overseas chartered accountants and financial personnel regarding preparation of parent company financial statements and returns. Carry out Analytical reviews on regular basis re: supervision of financial planning, project financing, Forex (Foreign Exchange) management, Risk management, Insurance, Costing, Budgeting, Accounting Systems, Audits, domestic and international direct and indirect Taxation, Corporate Secretarial and legal, for compliance with both U.S. and India requirements. Contract risk assessment and management. Direct preparation of financial statements, business activity reports, financial position forecasts, annual budgets, and reports required by regulatory agencies; as needed, liaison with external parties and government/regulatory agencies regarding same. Develop effective MIS and periodic reporting to overseas parent. Install and monitor systems for effective fund flow management. Install and monitor procedures for hedging against Forex (Foreign Exchange) fluctuation on as-needed basis. Supervise employees performing financial reporting, accounting, billing, collections, payroll, and budgeting duties. Delegate authority for, and manage, receipt, disbursement, banking, protection, and custody of funds, securities, and financial instruments. Maintain current knowledge of organizational policies and procedures, federal and state policies and directives, and current accounting standards for both U.S. and India. Receive, record, and authorize requests for disbursements in accordance with company policies and procedures. Monitor financial activities and details such as reserve levels to ensure that all legal and regulatory requirements are met. Monitor and evaluate the performance of accounting and other financial staff, recommending and implementing personnel actions, such as promotions and dismissals. Develop and maintain relationships with banking, insurance, and nonorganizational accounting personnel to facilitate financial activities.

Minimum qualifications include: Master’s Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting or related discipline, plus 3 years’ experience as CFO, Finance Controller, Mgr. Finance or related occupation. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Finance, Accounting or related discipline, plus 5 years’ progressive postgraduate experience as CFO, Finance Controller, Mgr. Finance or related occupation. Will accept foreign degrees with appropriate equivalency certifications. Any suitable combination of education, training and experience is acceptable. Also require CPA certification (any state) and Indian Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretary certification.

If interested, please mail resume to HR Consultant, Allied Digital Services, LLC, 680 Knox Street, Suite 200, Torrance, CA 90502.

Systems Engineer : Perform administration, support, maintenance and monitoring of IBM Domino 9.0.1 and Microsoft Exchange 2013 Messaging environment. Perform mail migration from Office 365 to Exchange, Exchange to Exchange and IBM Domino to Exchange using Binary tree’s CMT tools. Responsible for 3rd party applications and services like Symantec mail security for Domino and Exchange, Symantec Messaging Gateway and Mobile Iron Systems for iPhone and iPad. Perform and maintain global configuration for Exchange and Domino. Identify major contributors to Domino infrastructure performance along with tracking mechanisms and acceptable infrastructure thresholds; define and review thresholds to support improvement and adjustment thereof. Analyze and forecast resource requirements for Domino infrastructure regularly; make recommendations regarding resource consumption and trends on a monthly basis; determine appropriate server and network capacity to meet resource requirements; monitor system use and capacity. Troubleshoot Outlook and Lotus Notes issues, Administration of mailboxes and Users accounts. Check application, system, event, AV, and spam logs on daily basis. Respond to Help Desk escalations and provide level 1, 2, and 3 supports to Help Desk staff in order to resolve client issues in a timely manner. Ensure that all Messaging servers are actively routing mail and messages. Assist in installation, configuration, and training of Lotus Notes and Outlook. Administer product lifecycles to maintain vendor support, maintenance contracts and software licensing compliance as well as needed updates/upgrades. Develop and maintain security standards relating to messaging systems and services. Help develop policies and procedures for correcting security breaches. Monitor data security for flagrant violations; monitor user system activity. Administer security profiles and user IDs; administer system administrators’ security. Conduct security audits, and implement security audit recommendations.

Requires Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or related, plus at least 5 years’ progressive experience as Systems Engineer, Network Administrator or related. Will also accept Master’s Degree in Computer Science or related, plus at least 2 years’ progressive experience as Systems Engineer, Network Administrator or related. Will accept foreign degree with appropriate equivalence evaluation by a professional degree evaluation service. Will accept a combination of foreign degrees equivalent to a U.S. Bachelor's Degree, as determined by a professional degree evaluation service. Job site is in Richmond, IN, at premises of Belden, Inc., 2200 U.S. Highway 27 South, Richmond, IN 47374. If interested, please mail CV/resume to HR Consultant, Allied Digital Services, LLC, 680 Knox Street, Ste. 200, Torrance, CA 90502.