Whether a complex set of services is required or a simple, specific solution, Allied Digital’s Global Delivery Center (GDC) can help source exactly what our client’s need. Through the support of Allied Digital’s disciplined management team, field tested processes, and advanced tools, the GDC is able to bring our clients the highest quality and most innovative services.

Global Delivery Center

Our Framework

Overview Allied Digital’s Integrated Service Delivery Framework (ISDF), is our mature and time tested management console. Our end-to-end IT Infrastructure handles a myriad of devices (i.e. desktop, network, servers and security applications), offers highly customizable reports and dashboards, supports centralized ticketing and dispatching, and delivers intelligent alerts to help our clients ensure the highest levels of business availability. Key components include:
Solution Components/ Service ModulesFeatures
Reporting PortalOne stop view to the management of desktop, network, server availability; Drill down capability to identify issues, SLA dashboard.
Self Service PortalFor end users, branch offices, IT team to create ticket, put up new request, check status and accept/ reject resolution or provide additional information.
Monitoring and AdaptersThese are Allied designed adapters to collect alerts from different tools, identify criticality and auto create tickets. Allied integrate these adapters with customer or allied supplied tools.
Data Transfer BusProvide capability to exchange data for the various devices and logs to the backend ticketing engine and profiling database.
Automation ScriptAllied Digital has come up with various automation scripts in desktop and server management to provide auto resolution over tools.
Intelligent Alert Filtering and CorrelationAssist to filter unwanted alerts/ notification to help agents quickly on the critical issues. And also helps to correlate the ticket based on the trends of device behaviour. It also has enabled discovery methodology to identify relation between devices such as app server, database server, network port, database port and switches etc.
Workflow ManagementAssist in automation, set-up request and schedule task, provide intranet services using our workflow BPM tool.
Email ManagerAddresses complete interaction with end users; easy case creation and acknowledgement.
Device ProfileAct as a repository of asset information of various devices which assist to correlate the devices with the ticket and offer better reporting.
Ticketing SystemIt is a central part of the framework, providing complete ticketing management through various channels – Phone, email and integration with the knowledge base.
Knowledge BaseAllied has implemented unique two dimensional knowledge base that offers end customer to search for standard FAQ’s as well as for agents to search for ready solutions on standard issues collected from past work experiences.