$13 Bn Fortune 500 Global restaurant chain

$13 Bn Fortune 500 Global restaurant chain

Customer was a large corporate and ranked #218 on the FORTUNE 500 list with revenues of more than $13 billion.


They had 4,600+ stores serviced by multiple service providers which was an expensive & inflexible support model with a lack of transparency. This resulted in an in-efficient use of store manager's time to troubleshoot issues across multiple vendors.


ADSL worked to develop a Single Service Provider (SSP) model to drive efficiencies and created a transparent cost model to help achieve clients cost reduction goals and identified “best of breed” solution providers vs. manufacturing services.


  • We developed a single-source provider model resulting in Annual savings in the
    millions (25% of previous spends). Our multiple vendor model and improved
    store build & rebuild times, response time & increased systems up-time lead
    to increased per store sales revenue.

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