Cognitive Technologies


Cognitive technologies are gaining more and more attention as every business is striving for more visibility into operations, saving resource energy from mundane tasks to drive cost efficiencies.

We are in the data-driven world. Enormous data is getting generated daily and exponentially. Cognitive technologies are thereby getting more viable to identify patterns, analyze and predict, to drive decisions, and to promote automated action.

We Offer


AI-enabled Platforms and Applications

Allied Digital has the best AI-enabled tools and platforms that help in bridging the three vital aspects of data center management end-user service, behavior, performance, and automation. We collectively leverage this data to gain intelligent insights from various sources and use this intelligence to solve issues in real-time automatically. We use intelligent chatbots for predictive routing, which enables significant improvements in first call resolution rates. We also use AI-enabled bots to automatically reset passwords and escalate service requests; deploy software and carry out software updates or patches where required and in restoring IT services immediately.

AI-enabled Data Center

Our AI-enabled solution helps in improving data center performance and reliability through the ability to predict failure and optimize the performance of IT infrastructure. We use AI-enabled insights to identify anomalies and predict 'what if' scenarios in case of exceptions. We can use these insights to identify optimal settings and configurations and benchmark this against other established data centers.

AI-enabled SOC

With cyber-attacks increasing in scale and complexity, we use BigData driven AI platforms to study patterns, correlate, and detect unusual events. Our AI-enabled capabilities give us the edge in detecting cyber-attacks at an early stage and reduce the time taken between detection and response.

AR and VR Capabilities

Today, effective visualization is key to drive planning, real-time decision making, or representing the thoughts. Augmented Reality and Virtual reality are revolutionary cognitive technologies that have revolutionized visual communication. Allied Digital has partnered with several niche players to build AR/VR enabled solutions.


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    Leverage cognitive technologies to drive new business
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    Reduce cost of operations due to gained efficiencies of AI
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    Bring valuable insights into operations and fine tune services
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    Automate mundane tasks across organizations
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    Make Analytics and AI the norm in the organization by setting a foundation of cognitive technologies

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