Service Provider to Multidisciplinary Dental Groups Across 300 Locations

Service Provider to Multidisciplinary Dental Groups Across 300 Locations

The customer had 4,400 workstations over 300 locations with 441+ Dell Servers, SAN (Storage Area Network) based environment, dental imaging apps and software databases, exchange, SharePoint etc. with data center in Minneapolis, MN and DR Data Center in Boston, MA.


There was Onshore Service Desk in the US providing services to the client at their desired price level and also upgrading enterprise operating systems in a nonstandard environment.


We implemented Active Directory Integration with our IT Service Management Tool-ADiTaaS for Service Desk & Network Operations Center, Remote Desktop Management services providing hardware, software data analytics to provide inventory and software license control & implemented PasswordXpress for Automation. This brought in standardization to the environment via an operating system.


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    Achieved 90% overall FCR for Service Desk
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    99.50% overall availability for Infra and Seamless Software Release Management

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