Improving Public Service Delivery by unifying technologies, is a clear mission of the governments around the world. There is a momentum towards improving service delivery to the digital citizens of today. At the same time, several city and county IT departments, especially during these challenging times are grappling with multiple challenges in sustaining efficient citizen services, data management, and manpower retention.

Some of the key challenges the government sector is facing can be summarized as:


Remote Working

Sustaining citizen services in these tough times by supporting work from home options for the government employees as well as digitizing legacy processes and core services by leveraging the cloud.


There is a constant challenge of retaining IT resources and re-training them, consequently, local service provider support is required as an extended arm.

Utilising Digital Technologies

Become more data-centric, and thus leverage strategic analytics and cognitive technologies for better decision making.

Large-scale Initiatives

Driving new transformation initiatives such as smart cities leveraging engineering skills of local single stop reliable systems integrator.


Disrupt Technology, Enhance Experience

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    Comprehensive Infrastructure Management Solutions including Work from Home
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    In-country State-of-the-art Service Desk for IT support for citizen servcies
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    Innovative “Device-As-A-Services” for improving financial planning, end user productivity and day-to-day support hassles
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    Data Analytics Infrastructure and Solutions
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    Smart ITSM/Digital Service Management Platform “ADiTaaS
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    Smart city projects, technology consulting, design and implementation
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    Cybersecurity services or captive cyber watch center setup

Data Analytics Platforms

Data analytics infrastructure is key to improving outcomes and services, creating a data-centric culture, increasing the availability of open data and APIs for internal and public consumption.

Our expertise in data lake-based infrastructures, advanced analytics and customizable dashboards helps drive intelligence, organize data and drive citizen-centricity.

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Work from Home Capability

COVID-19 pandemic has made governments re-design citizen service architecture. Immediate challenges are around online and network re-engineering.

Our comprehensive work from home solutions, cloud enablement solutions, field network support and automation platforms, address these challenges for governments, including long term support.

Multi-channel Citizen Service Desk

Governments are scaling service desks to a large number of citizens via chatbots, NLP, shared and self-service, while upholding data privacy.

Over 50 percent of citizen traffic comes from mobile and we offer 24x7x365 citizen services based on ITSM platform with RPA, Voice, ChatBots based out of Torrance and Irvine, California.

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Integrated Service Management Platform

As citizen services get digitized, the ITIL processes are being extended to citizen services, for Digital Service Management, Analytics, Automation and Governance.

Various citizen-facing services can be threaded into a single “ADiTaaS”, Digital Service Management platform.

Device As-a-Service

Over time, the infrastructure needs to be refreshed, as an increasing number of devices impairs end-users productivity. Today’s OpEx models are ideal for local bodies.

Our “Device-As-A-Service” solution removes endpoint security hiccups, asset upgrades life-cycle management, repairs and part management hassles and provides desk-service.

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Local bodies also face huge challenges in managing IT security, in terms of budget, internal staff skillset and consistent holistic control.

Our AI-based Security incident and event management platform offers comprehensive threat intelligence support, effective log correlation across SOAR implementation, setting up captive cyber watch center.

Smart Cities

Governments want to deploy transformative technologies to provide smart city services to improve the urban lifestyle, reduce city costs and drive rapid actionable intelligence.

Allied Digital has been a pioneer in driving digital transformation for smart city initiatives for several cities to improve the environment, services, security and traffic control and many more.

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Big Data Analytics with Machine Learning drives IoT data into gaining insights and decision making. Integrated Command and Control Centers (ICCC) that integrate all the smart applications visually and with back end data intelligence seamlessly drive action rapidly on critical incidents and emergency events.

Allied Digital plays the “Master Systems Integrator” role in designing, implementing and supporting large smart city architectures in collaboration with best-of-the-breed smart application solution providers.

Our Differentiators

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    Our infrastructure is 24x7x365, fully business resilient.
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    Best-of-the-breed, unbiased options for solutions and tools.
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    Adherence to statutory regulations for data privacy, leveraging ISO 27001, ISO 20000 and local policies and procedures.
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    Case studies delivering several IT related services and projects across the̥ country.
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    Local job creation, equal opportunity, minority support, 8A-friendly partners and mandatory US citizen resource requirements.
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    Full support in-country resource deployment for services and solution implementation. 24x7x365 primary support center out of Torrance, California.

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