IT Role

Retail technology investments will continue to reflect digital transformation efforts, as retailers reserve capital for technology investments by reducing spending on store openings and remodels. The ability for IT to adapt responsively to product, workforce, partner, and operations needs will separate the winners and losers.


Purpose-Driven, Resilient, Adaptable

The nonstop disruption in the retail environment is challenging many of the norms of retailing, creating opportunities for new entrants, and making transformation an imperative for incumbents. Additionally, as a result of the COVID 19 crisis; there has been a significant impact on consumer behavior, product demand, and retail store, factory, and logistics services availability.

Retailers will be highly motivated to be better prepared for the omnichannel shopper and will need to be extremely responsive to stay ahead of the changes driving the marketplace in 2020.

Transition to Digital

ADSL understands that the retail industry is rapidly accelerating the transition to digital commerce. We have been helping our customers navigate the path of “disruption by digital” over the past two decades and continue to invent online means to recreate these traditional behaviors– be it books, entertainment, consumer electronics, or the new normal of digital grocery.

Partner Enabled Competitive Edge

With changes in the competitive structure of eCommerce and mCommerce, the niche, smaller and tech-enabled companies are stealing the share from big tech giants. ADSL has 360-degree partnerships with a multitude of niche partners to deploy and support state-of-the-art technologies to connect better with customers, increasing personalized services, improved privacy compliance, and support convergence across consumer sectors.

Setting Correct Priorities

At the cusp of current COVID changes, ADSL can help you:

Adopt new digital experiences for consumers by entering into the "Personal Contactless" delivery of our services.
Digitizing replenishment of essential products on store shelves and rationing volume purchases.
Meet increased labor requirements to accommodate higher demand for store support and DC operations.

Our Thinking

ADSL offers a multitude of services to enable the retail sector to safely navigate and transition to a truly digital enterprise.

Through our solutions around RSR (Retail Store Refresh), RSS (Retail Store Support), Security & Infra Transformation (SIT) and RIoT (Retail IoT) we are strongly positioned to be your partner of choice in this truly transformational journey.

Retail store support



Retail Store Support

We provide Local Language Support, Move-Add-Change, Onsite preventative maintenance, Extended warranties, Global/Regional Configuration Centers, Omni-Channel (phone, email, web, chat) support, Center of Excellence, 360° Retail Centric Quality Assurance Program, SLA & BLA-based, ITIL, and Industry compliant processes.

Security & Infrastructure Transformation

As part of SIT, we can provision your stores for Threat Hunting Processes, User and Event Behavioral Analytics, Security & Compliance Assessments, AI optimized Datacenter Monitoring processes, Standardized Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Services, Self Service Tools with appropriate guardrails, Integrated, cross-functional teams, and Turn-Key integrations.

Retail Store Refresh

Enable your stores for Assisted Selling, Digital Trial Rooms, Connected Mirrors, Store–In–a–Box transformation, Social Analytics, Social–Channel Support, Sales Analytics, Traditional Backoffice Refresh & 3D Virtual Store Scans.

Retail IoT

Take your stores to the next level by implementing readiness assessments, the in-store path to know, engage, sell and track customers, Intelligent Vending Machine Solutions, AI modeling-based store monitoring: Customer Proximity, Stock Levels & Device Failures. Improve supply chain visibility for warehouse, in-transit, and delivered items.

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