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The broader influence of automotive technology will continue to drive disruption as the established automotive industry increasingly converges with contemporary technology. Cars will cease to be discrete tools that get passengers from A to B. Instead, autos will be integrated into a tech-reliant society, with 16 million 5G - enabled vehicles sold, every year, by the end of the next decade.


The automotive industry is at a crossroads with industry trends and disruptive technologies. Consumer interest in EV (electric vehicles) technology continues to grow while that in AV (autonomous vehicles) has stalled in most markets. Consumers are split on whether the advantages of increased connectivity in their vehicles are worth it. Global consumers are unanimous in their support for mass transit (buses, trains, cabs, rideshares) as a way to reduce traffic congestion. However, using multiple modes of transportation is mostly an occasional behavior. Consumers are simply waiting and are ready for disruptive automotive technology to be unleashed.


Always Connected

ADSL understands that now more than ever, customers want a seamless connectivity experience. In 2020 and beyond, that means not just connection via mobile phone, home, and office, but in their vehicles, as well. Drivers can stay connected to their favorite apps, music, and entertainment. Kids can stay connected to their favorite games or even get a jump on homework on the way back from school.


Better CX in the Car

In the past, the navigation and voice control systems in most cars have been clunky. We all have experienced the “Please Say a Command” voice-over which takes you about 5 minutes to get your car to do what you want it to do. ADSL is working with major automotive companies in improving the customer experience by customizing systems that will mirror a consumers’ phone creating a seamless transition between phone and car.


Predictive Maintenance

Back in the day, it was pretty exciting when a car would alert if it was due for an oil change. Being able to keep track of time and mileage seemed like a pretty big deal. Today, cars can pull multitudes of data and send it up to the cloud for processing, alerting drivers of potential issues they may be about to experience in the future, from engine trouble to faulty brakes, or a taillight that’s about to burn out.



With so much data being collected from drivers at any given time, data security needs to be a major priority for both manufacturers and drivers alike. Moving forward, we’ll be seeing larger public education campaigns regarding the safety of automotive connectivity, along with a greater push for manufacturers to make data security a priority.

Our Thinking

ADSL has been working with major Automotive giants to help them with the disruptive IT transformation ahead. We provide services aligned to multiple levels of automation (Zero-> Assisted-> Partial->Conditional -> High) through our service catalogs in EUC, Analytics, Infrastructure Support, Security and Application Management Service.

Allied Digital - Automotive Services



Global Service Desk

Operational excellence through the right-delivery strategy

Digital Workspace

Seamless implementation and flawless end-user support, for any device, anywhere

Digital & Analytics

Leveraging technologies such as Big Data, applied statistics, Machine Learning models and AI

Infrastructure Support

24x7 enterprise infrastructure management, cloud service management & BCP/DR support

Application Management

Following our framework of Automation, Analytics and Agility

Security Services

Using continuous learning and improvement models for managing enterprise risk dynamics

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