Driven by passion, teamwork, and innovation, we deliver high-quality services and business-critical solutions.

Our US leadership team has been at the helm of affairs for over a decade. It is fully empowered to take country-specific decisions. As one family, it has weathered several seasons together.

The extended family including partners and clients has created some path-breaking stories as a lighthouse for several industries.



To become the most admired global IT Services provider by consistently applying and reinforcing 3 mega forces:


Develop Technological Depth


Augment Resources, Reach and Infrastructure


Leverage Best Management Practices for Operational Excellence


"We will operate as a technology-driven global organization committed to customer needs, devoted to building lasting partnerships and acting with integrity, honesty, and a spirit of co-operation with customers, suppliers, and employees. Furthermore, it is our promise to every client that we will guide, support, and add value to every IT process within our customer's organization through our cost-effective professional expertise and our continuous after-sales support.”

Core Values

At the pinnacle of the value pyramid, is our commitment to ethics, our strict adherence to blatant honesty – 'speak what you mean and express what you think.' In the top half, we have our triumvirate of attitude, relationship, and trust. In essence, it is our never-say-never attitude, our commitment to building everlasting relationships, and our continuous earning of the trust of each person that we encounter that allows us to maintain such long term relationships. In the bottom half, we have capabilities and infrastructure.

At Allied Digital, we are always growing and evolving, developing superior capabilities and acquiring advanced technological infrastructure to put us ahead of our competitors. At the foundation of our value pyramid are our transactions which are the natural outcomes of our ethical practices and strong processes. This set of values govern and form the very fabric of Allied Digital and is the reason for everything that we are today.

At Allied Digital, the pyramid is more than just our logo, it is the essence of what provides our strong culture. These are the set of values that provide our constant guiding light.

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    Ethics- Integrity, Honesty and Commitment

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    Attitude, Relationship and Trust- Customer
    Before Self

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    Capabilities and Infrastructure- Core Pillars of Service Delivery

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    Transparent Transactions- Flexibility and Visibility

Allied Social

We enjoy spending time together inside and outside the office! Take a look at some of our events, offsites, excursions, and silly gatherings.

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