Zero Trust based Remote Workspace Services

Zero Trust based Remote Workspace Services


Due to COVID 19 Crisis, our client, this manufacturing company, had an immediate need to get its work force employees working from home.


  • Mitigating data security concerns associated with the open Internet utilization of their distributed and mobile workforce
  • Reduce the high IT maintenance costs
  • Improving visibility on user activities and control over endpoints


  • Secure delivery of business applications through application access gateway to vendors, BYOD & mobile users.
  • Strong multi-factor authentication was integrated into the solution to provide an additional layer of security.
  • Data leakage prevention features were enabled

Technology Enablers

  • Remote Access
  • Zero Trust-based Access.
  • Multi factor-based Authentication.
  • Device Entry Control
  • Contextual Access
  • Detailed Audit Log
  • Productivity management
  • Empowers BYOD User
  • Simple Management

Automation Benefits

  • Within a month’s time Allied Digital Services along with the OEM was able to roll out the Zero Trust WFH solution for the Manufacturing client.
  • Strong control over endpoints
  • Secure enterprise mobility
  • Reduced IT operations costs
  • Improved user experience
  • Perhaps the client’s employees are benefitting in real and tangible ways. The project has helped the client’s employees remain safely at home and at the same time releasing the employees to have work/Life balance and keeps them engaged and enthusiastic on the company’s agenda.

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