Our Partners

Our Partners

Our strength in the marketplace stems from our partnership ecosystem. Our relationship with partners is centered around win-win dynamics, trust through transparency, and uncompromised ethics.

Our clients benefit from excellence in service delivery and solution innovation through this synergistic value creation.

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Upstream Partner Benefits



Large IT service providers leverage our leadership in infrastructure services and solutions. We seamlessly integrate into the delivery ecosystems.


Our system integration and support capability enhance the solution value of the OEM products to build a comprehensive solution.


Our transparent process and sub-contracting flexibility attract niche service providers to deliver projects, as part of the larger solution.

Upstream Partner Benefits


Co-created Solutions

  • Full scale pre-sales support
  • Collaborative approach
  • Multiple engagement models


We take the complete accountability of the service delivery for the portion of
service outsourced to us

Strong Financials

  • Full scale pre-sales support
  • Collaborative approach
  • Multiple engagement models


Adaptive change management processes. More flexibilities around solution tenets and delivery capabilities

Skin in the game

Service level agreement based delivery with a penalty or at-risk amounts

Replicated Contracts

Back-to-back contracts & flow-down commitment to avoid any gaps in delivery commitments

Our engagements

Allied Digital Upstream Partners - InfosysAllied Digital Upstream Partners - DeloitteAllied Digital Upstream Partners - Larsen & Tubro Infotech (LTI Mindtree)Allied Digital Upstream Partners - Accenture Allied Digital Upstream Partners - AtoS   Allied Digital Upstream Partners - Airtel  Allied Digital Upstream Partners - TCIL

OEM Partner benefits


Cost & Risk Reduction

Reduced risk and costs associated with the services and technology process and ownership

Competitive Advantage

Global support network with hands and feet support and solution integration expertise

Accelerated GTM

Leveraging Allied Digital’s early adopter advantage and fast skillset building

Scalable Solutions

Reduced IT costs with integration capabilities which can scale seamlessly to meet customers changing requirements

SME Pool

Ability to attract, train and deploy resources to help you plan and build solutions globally

Our engagements

Allied Digital OEM Partners - MicrosoftAllied Digital OEM Partners - OracleAllied Digital OEM Partners - ivantiAllied Digital OEM Partners - CiscoAllied Digital OEM Partners - Amazon Web Services (AWS)Allied Digital OEM Partners - IBMAllied Digital OEM Partners - HPAllied Digital OEM Partners - DELL

Joint Ventures

Downstream Partner Benefits


Robust Program Governance

  • Planned projects
  • Continuous communication
  • Formal assessment and reviews

Financial Credibility

  • Systemized processes
  • High DNB Rating
  • Multi-currency integration

Service Spectrum

Multiple industries and technology products

Clarity & Flexibility

  • Well defined and documented scope of work
  • Compliance to statutory norms
  • Adaptive to change management

Gain Risk Model

Joint and proportionate GTM for risk
and gains

Partner stories

I want to thank all of you for the great support you provide to our team, it makes a big difference in the quality and performance of the team and I cannot thank you enough!!

President, CEO

Our Engagements


Partners in USA, Europe,
Africa and Asia Pacific

Paresh Shah

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