FinoAllied is a Conversational AI Platform specifically designed for Banking & Finance. This is a Digital Fabric which will wrap over banks existing Enterprise Service Bus connected to the bank's IT systems. So, It's a Plug & Play, No-Code and Configurable Architecture. The product is designed in a cloud based AI NLP engine, it's cloud native & on DevOps backbone.

It can be deployed in hybrid/multi cloud architecture. Currently 50+ Banking & Financial Services are inbuilt and can be rendered quickly via different digital channels of banks. The product leverages hyper-automation, can be rapidly customized and administered to deliver all standard and customed banking services over multiple digital & social channels, open channel Digital Banking as a Service (DBaaS).

Key Features of FinoAllied Platform

    • The FinoAllied Platform Highlights some path breaking features such as
    • Ready 50+ configurable services/transactions for banking and finance. Which means four weeks of average deployment time.
    • The platform boasts loosely coupled Microservices based Architecture to quickly integrate existing Banking APIs and Systems.
    • The backend NLP engine is most exhaustive with global multilingual support.
    • The pricing model is Catalog & Subscription Based, so Pay for what you use per month.
    • Deliver services via Several Digital Channels, such as Web, Mobile, WhatsApp, Social, Voice Devices, example - Alexa, Siri, Google Home. Smart Watch etc.,
    • The platform bundles High-End Analytics with Machine Learning capabilities for banks as well as end customers.
    • As Security & Data Privacy are of utmost priority, a holistic Security architecture deploying latest financial industry security best practices is implemented including Localized Data as per GDPR Guidelines of course, the platform has no custody of customer data or transactions as they get registered in the IT systems of the bank.
    • The product is best compliant with RBI and other Central Bank’s IT Policies & Guidelines.
    • And finally, to mention that the product has low-cost maintenance and single window support.


    Download Whitepaper on FinoAllied Platform Click Here

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