CERT-IN Guideline Consultation

CERT-IN Guideline Consultation

CERT-In Guideline: Sub-section (6) of section 70B

  • Report cyber incidents within 6 hours of noticing.
  • Take immediate action or seek help from CERT-In for mitigation.
  • Enable and maintain all ICT logs for a rolling period of 180 days.
  • Connect to NIP's NTP server.
  • Designate a point of contact and publish the details to CERT-In.

Allied Digital - Solution to CERT-In Guideline

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24x7 X 365 Managed Security Service

Allied Digital Service is one of the leading Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) to undertake continuous detection, management and response to the latest security threats. Some of the salient features of the service are as follows:

24x7 X 365 proactive SLA driven security monitoring
AI/ML driven platform for accurate detection
Pink Verify certified in-house ITSM Platform-ADiTaaS
Log management for 6 months within India
NTP server time synchronization
Compliance Reporting
SOAR based incident response
User behaviour analysis
Global threat intelligence feeds enrichment
Advance correlation and threat hunting
Darkweb and social media monitoring

We are certified with ISO 27001, SOC2

Security Architecture/
Compliance Audit
Data Protection
Managed Security Service
Dark Web Analysis
Identity Management
Threat Management
Breach Attack Simulation
Application Security
Social Media and Brand Protection
Vulnerability Analysis/
Penetration Testing
Network Security
Dynamic Deception
Red/Blue Team Simulation
Endpoint Security
SOC Tools
Email Protection
Advanced Incident Response
Cloud Security
Cyber Forensics Analysis
IOT Security
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