AIM 360-Degrees


AIM 360-Degrees

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  • Solution
  • Value Addition

Cyber security solutions and services

Security Architecture/
Compliance Audit
Data Protection
Managed Security Service
Dark Web Analysis
Identity Management
Threat Management
Breach Attack Simulation
Application Security
Social Media and Brand Protection
Vulnerability Analysis/
Penetration Testing
Network Security
Dynamic Deception
Red/Blue Team Simulation
Endpoint Security
SOC Tools
Email Protection
Advanced Incident Response
Cloud Security
Cyber Forensics Analysis
IOT Security

SOC Models

Security Operation Centre Banner

Managed Security Service

24x7 x 365 security operations
Supported security technologies
  • SOC Functions
    • Event Monitoring
    • Threat Hunting
    • Threat Management
    • Device Configuration & Management
    • Incident Management
    • Storage of Events for Forensics Analysis
    • Availability Monitoring
    • Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly reports
  • Next-Gen Firewalls
  • Application Firewalls
  • Email Security
  • Servers
  • VPN
  • Anti-Virus/EDR
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Wireless Networks
  • Databases
  • ADiTaaS
    • PINK certified
    • End to end Service Management
    • Customer Portal
    • Ticketing and SLA tracking

Our Partners

Compliant Infrastructure

Cyber Threat Management

Threat Hunting and Management

  • With access to research capabilities, know-how and threat intelligence repositories, our team can accurately identify external threats, prevent attacks, and ensure resilience.
  • Continuously monitor Open, Deep and Dark web sites, as well as closed forums, social networks and messaging platforms and harvest data based on the organization’s predefined threat hunting requirements.

Dynamic Deception

Use Deception Techniques to Protect

  • Use deceiving traps and lures designed to attract an attacker into engaging and getting away from production assets.
  • Project decoy throughout the network along with endpoint credentials, mapped shares, deception data or applications that will breadcrumb the attacker back to an engagement server that will alert on the presence of an attacker.
  • By laying a maze of decoys, lures, and mis-directions security teams can accurately and efficiently detect early reconnaissance, lateral movement, and credential theft, improving detection time and reducing attacker dwell time.

Security Incident Response and Forensics

Engagement Models

  • Onsite Incident Response (Rapid Response Team).
  • Remote Incident Support.
  • Onsite/Remote Digital Forensics.
  • Long term staffing contracts.

Summary of Service and Deliverables

  • Incident Handling based on Industry Best CERT processes.
  • Incident Preparation & Digital Forensics.
  • Reverse Engineering & Malware Analysis.
  • Lessons Learned document & Incident Reports.
  • Support to Law Enforcement Agencies.
  • Security Remediation Support.
  • Create/Enhance Incident Handling Processes.
  • Creating Incident Scenarios and Response Plan

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