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Work From Anywhere

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Work from Anywhere (WFA) is a necessity for resilience in every organization. It is the new normal for the year 2020 and beyond. CyberSecurity is key to an effective Work from Anywhere or usually called “Work from Home” Solution. Our solution incorporates proven processes, practices, and technologies to optimize your costs, reduce risks, and increase productivity.

Our Adoption

As a global, “always-on” Managed Services and Managed Security Provider, our customers expect us to be resilient in & face of almost any kind of disaster. Allied Digital embarked on the WFA digital workplace journey some years before the pandemic forced this trend upon businesses. Our global workforce is empowered and equipped with the best platform and practices to deal with WFA challenges. We bring them as a solution to our client’s business, providing them a unique edge with agility, security, and cost in their WFA initiatives.

Our Solution Features


Live, always-on support

Our global service desk is trained and empowered to readily and remotely assist your WFA user base with all options from self-service to VIP support.

Cloud Application and Web Firewall

Support transformation into cloud by ensuring access to public and private cloud PaaS and SaaS. Malicious website and traffic filtering.

VPN-free access

Capex avoidance - No need to upgrade VPN capacity, bandwidth optimization.

Multi factor Authentication & Zero Trust Security

Automated management and security delivered across a multitude of devices with platform self-healing. Privileged Access Management, Single Sign-On, Password-Free Access, User Activity Monitoring, and Logging, Device Policy-based Network Access Control.

Collaborative solutions and Workflow enablement

Integrate collaborative solutions to make your workforce more effective. Provision add-on applications to monitor end-user productivity and thread business processes with customized workflows, document management, and automation as needed.

Our Experience

Global, always-on operations

Allied Digital pioneered, adopted and refined the WFA platform many years before the pandemic. With 100+ global customers who trust their business-critical IT services with Allied Digital, our operation must remain “always-on” in all time-zones and geographies. Work from Anywhere empowers our workforce to maximize their availability and productivity while in offices, homes, hotels, cafes, airports, and on-the-move.

Several of our customers have benefitted from leveraging Allied Digital’s experience, knowledge-base, vendor relationships, processes, and Lab-As-A-Service in setting up, upgrading, and operating their own WFA capability.

With Allied Digital’s partnership, your business will avoid the pitfalls and delays in your WFA project, save time that you would spend on dealing with multiple product and service vendors, and avoid potential security and compliance risks.

Enterprize Benefits

Every business has its challenges. WFA enablement should not be one of them.

With Allied Digital’s rapid WFA enablement services, We can ensure that your workforce stays fully productive and well supported. With Allied Digital as your Transformation and Managed Services partner, your business gains the following benefits almost instantly:

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    Access to proven technology architecture with the best of the breed, interoperability- tested and pre-hardened infrastructure components that balance performance, security and cost.
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    Continued compliance with regulations and ready-to-use audit support.
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    Avoidance of Cap-Ex and reduction in Op-Ex for VPN equipment and network bandwidth provisioning and management.
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    Ongoing security and IT health monitoring, preventive maintenance, vulnerability protection and upgrades that ensure worry-free service availability.
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    Total UX and QoS management including a live, always-on Service Desk and AI-based self-tuning features.
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    One-stop-shop for hardware, software, network, security, and service desk for your WFA initiative.
Ashish Raghute, Sr. Vice President (IT) - Allied Digital Services, LLC

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