Internet of Things

Internet of Things, one of the most revolutionary technologies is rapidly being adopted, right from industrial control systems to smart cities. It has added a new dimension to endpoint devices, which are now low powered, smart, and network-aware sensors. Capabilities like bi-directional analog-digital conversions, local processing, seamless communication to centralized applications are leading to insightful analytics.

IoT technologies, with the growth in Big Data solutions, provide immense potential for enterprises to re-build or design responsive, smart, controlled and insightful business processes across several industries.

Allied Digital is a pioneer in adopting IP aware devices in its solution offering. Today, we deploy thousands of IP devices across applications like smart cities, parking, social distancing in retail stores, to name a few.

Our engineering solutions division bundles a unique ecosystem skill-set of IoT solution architecture, rapid prototyping, public cloud-based IoT tools, intelligent command, and control center and analytics.

We Offer


End to End Solution

Comprehensive IoT solution design, right from selecting the sensors, all the way to control and analytics

IoT Solutions

Ready solutions in smart transportation, smart city applications, parking solutions, hospitality services and retail

Camera Sensor

Camera sensor-based solutions with applications in surveillance, social distancing, temperature scanning, and video analytics
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Our Unique Value

Transformation without compromise

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    One-stop shop for IoT application development and deployment.
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    Consultative support for the right sensor technology and platform.
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    Ready skillsets for cloud-based IoT frameworks, analytics, and ML.
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    Comprehensive service performance and device monitoring through ADiTaaS - proprietary cloud-based ITSM platform.
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    “Master Systems Integrator” Single pane of glass command and control centers.
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    Managed services to support solutions and endpoint devices.
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    Design Thinking Services for envisioning new IoT based processes to generate business growth by value creation.
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    Partnerships across platform providers such as Amazon, Azure, PTC, Schneider, and open source technologies.
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    Capability to build custom command and control centers, integrating data across applications leveraging strong middleware expertise.

Our Adopted Methodology


Existing Process Review

• Desired functionality
• Risks and security
• Challenges
• Control points
• Feasibility

New Process Vision

• Device capabilities
• Case studies review
• Functional requirements
• Data Planning & insights
• New workflows
• Budgeting


• Device selection and test
• Communication and security
• Maintenance
• Platform options
• Working prototype

IoT Architecture Design

• Technical parameters
• Communication planning
• Micro Service applications
• Endpoint functionalities
• Analytics etc

Develop and Deploy

• Agile development
• IoT endpoint deployments
• Centralized control
• Cloud provisioning

Maintenance and Improvements

• Process improvements
• Audits and compliance
• Endpoint and applications
• Managed services
• Data management


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    IoT solutions are helping enterprises modernize their processes, for growth. Such stories are increasing exponentially.
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    Our managed service provisions ready service management platform as a single pane of glass to govern the entire solution bundled with inherent expertise to fix any solution gaps, ensure continuous improvements, and support new developments.
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    We deploy ML and advanced analytics to gain insights from the data generated by IoT applications.
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    Our comprehensive solution ownership helps enterprises complete IoT projects in time and within budgets. Businesses can quickly prototype and deploy IoT solutions for their new product/service lines to accelerate “Time to Value”.

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