Enterprise Infrastructure Management


Enterprise Infrastructure Management

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Enterprise IT is becoming increasingly complex with public clouds taking centre stage. An ever-growing demand of IT for 100 percent uptime and agility, calls for a new approach. CIOs today want clear visibility in operations, intelligence, planning, support for business transformation and budget cuts, and more with uncompromised security and compliance.

For decades, Allied Digital has been running state-of-the-art global Network Operations Centre (NOC), delivering remote enterprise infrastructure management services for global organizations, from its centres in Mumbai, Pune, and Los Angeles.

Our Expertise

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    Enterprise devices such as a server, storage, network, firewall, etc in all flavours and technology brands

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    Enterprise services such as backup,
    cloud-based, patch management, Citrix, VMware, endpoint security, etc
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    Enterprise applications such as SAP, Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, databases, etc

Over 500,000

Enterprise Devices/Services supported



Global Customers


Enterprise Engineers


Hypercare Engineers/Architects


Device Categories & Enterprise Services Managed

Our Service Encompasses

Transformative applications such as IoT, CCTV surveillance and third-party monitored devices support


Smart Technology Platform

Service assurance management platform (ITSA) enables proactive monitoring of devices, services, and applications

Always-Available, Always-On

Deployment of a wide array of skill-set 24x7x365 to administer and remediate issues

Process Compliant

Leverage ITIL processes for the enterprise (hosted & cloud) infrastructure and applications

Visibility and Insights

Provide Analytics and advisory services to the customer’s senior IT team

We are ISO 9001, 27001, and 2000 compliant with CMMI level 3 certification. Our next-generation “ADiTaaS” based ITSA Platform for Enterprise Infrastructure Management is fully cloud-based and “Always-On”. The platform comprises of advanced all-parameter and customizable parameter monitoring tools, with ITSM backbone software and contact center. The platform provisions intelligent filtering of alerts, correlation of logs, drive industry compliant SOPs and customer run books, leverages RPA (robotic process automation) for rapid service request management and auto-healing and derives valuable insights into operations from our analytic reports supported by machine learning.

Our knowledge-centric, certified global resource team comprises of executives running routine operational tasks, subject matter experts, ITIL process experts, high-end cross-technology troubleshooting generalists, advisory architects, and global “hyper care” technology gurus.

Our NOC Service Ecosystem

Allied Digital NOC Ecosystem

We have built and operated custom NOCs for our government customers for smart cities, to the scale of Intelligent Command and Control Centers, that also manage IoT based applications, surveillance systems, Situation awareness, rapid response and serve intelligent decision making dashboards from underlying BigData and AI/ML implementations.

We also do custom data center build and management, infrastructure modernization, cloud enablement projects and have a dedicated managed security service to drive enterprise security operations. Our NOC services are powered by a global “center of excellence” in service delivery which focuses on 360-degree service improvement in the areas of holistic service governance, automation and analytics, process standardization, and resource skill training.

Enterprise Benefits

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    Huge cost savings in resource costs and challenges in availability.
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    Dedicated technical account manager for medium to large customers.
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    Achievement of high industry SLAs and
    rapid service request fulfillment due to
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    Clear and hassle-free RACI matrix
    between the NOC team and customer
    stakeholder teams.
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    Enhanced visibility in operations and
    intelligence from our analytics and
    machine learning.
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    Cloud management services are included in our offering, as a hybrid model.
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    Rapid enablement of professional services for transformation projects.
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    Our services bundle the monitoring tool
    and ITSM platform costs.
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    Availability of “Hyper care Engineers”,
    (technology gurus) for critical challenges, architecture advisory, and planning transformation initiatives.
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    24x7x365 secure, “Always-on” service
    ensures critical incidents are handled immediately with minimal business disruptions.

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