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Cloud Management

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Why Choose Allied Digital for Cloud Management Services?

Hybrid cloud models are mainstream, as business continuity mandates public cloud adoption and CIOs demand a single pane of glass to manage the IT infrastructure.

Disparate deployments like IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS in the cloud, including application support, backup administration, DevOps, make diverse resource skillsets, a criticality.

Besides the benefits of cloud migration, key cloud management services we offer are support, proactive management, security, DevOps, capacity planning and cost control.

Cloud Management Services at Allied Digital

Our enterprise infrastructure services division drives a comprehensive public cloud engineering and support offering for Amazon (AWS), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform’s cloud management services.

We provide a one-stop hybrid-cloud remote managed service, and transformative cloud enablement services such as cloud application, migration, and analytics. We advise, implement, and manage public clouds.

Our cloud management services involve monitoring, administration, and management of deployed infrastructure, enterprise applications, as well as SaaS, IoT, and analytics environments. Our 10-Years+ extensive experience doing remote enterprise services (NOC) gives us an edge for managing cloud operations for global enterprise customers.

Our Cloud Management Services Enlists


Infrastructure Management (IaaS)

Proactive management of cloud resources, leveraging cloud tools and third-party ecosystems.

Application Management (PaaS)

Application Dev, Support, and Performance management

Service Governance

ITIL processes and SLA/OLAs

Automation, DevOps & Cross Service support

Agile, and rapid deployment of full stack end-to-end solutions.

Security and Compliance

Administer holistic security, policies, data protection, and industry compliances

Data Management, BCP and DR

Capacity planning, archival cloud management, BCP, DR drills, Work-From-Home solutions, and support

Our Cloud Management Methodology and Adoption

Allied Digital - Cloud Management Service Methodology and Adoption

Enterprise Benefits of Cloud Management

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    Supporting Agile delivery in line with rapid organization changes and transformation projects
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    One-stop public cloud managed services integrated into hybrid 24X7X365 cloud support, a wide skillset on infrastructure and enterprise applications, optimized resource availability and reduced costs
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    Regular patching and automation implementation
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    Drive IT delivery excellence in deployed cloud services through our CISF (Continuous Service Improvement Framework)
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    Continuous Advisory with Key Finding Recommendations on a monthly and quarterly basis including cost control alerts
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    Service Governance through a single pane of glass, giving better visibility insights with analytic tools and dashboards

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