Large BFSI Company in Kerala

Large BFSI Company in Kerala


Due to the COVID-19 crisis, our client, a financial services company, had an immediate need to get its critical employees working from home.

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The staff needed to be able to securely connect, collaborate and communicate from home using their devices and at the same time accessing corporate applications and data from various locations using varied devices and in different ways and at the same time protect from any cyber security threats associated with the Work-From-Home solution.


· We had a thorough understanding with the BFSI on their existing infrastructure, Applications, Network, and security requirements and the need for the WFH solutions.
· With our legacy and expertise in implementing & managing large and complex IT infrastructure solutions and services, we enabled the right People & Technology and linked it back to addressing the challenges identified.
· After working with various OEM’s and solution provider’s we zeroed in on ACCOPS Work-From-Home Solutions as a product that will fit the need of this BFSI.
· Based on our recommendation, the BFSI client did thorough testing and proof of concept of this solution on all the aspects of the requirement and placed an order on us to implement the solution for their critical WFH employees.

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Technology integration of future

Technology Enablers

  • Remote Access
  • Zero trust-based access
  • Multi factor-based authentication
  • Device entry control
  • Contextual access
  • Detailed audit log
  • Productivity management
  • Empowers BYOD user

Automation Benefits

  • Within a month, Allied Digital Services along with the OEM weres able to roll out the Zero Trust WFH solution for the BFSI client.
  • The client was able to unlock mobility and seamlessly move to remote and secured any time anywhere access to its corporate applications for its employees.
  • The delivery of modern Zero Trust Work from Home solution through Accops is helping ensure business continuity while building a more digitally enabled workforce.
  • The project also gave the client business agility and responsiveness to all events as it was back to business-as-usual with the WFH solution.
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