System Integration


System Integration

Digitized Business processes today are a collection of disparate applications. Loosely coupled business architecture based distributed systems are a norm, which helps organizations to select best-of-the-breed cloud services or non-cloud applications. These applications, however, need to be knitted into operational processes through API integration, middleware, data management, and security along with seamless visualization. The process of knitting various applications is system integration.

Systems integration has evolved from just the middleware development to ensuring complete straight-through processing capability and enriched functionalities by, making individual systems configured to work in harmony, giving due consideration to data security, and providing ease of use and simple maintenance.

Why is Allied Digital Perfect System Integration Partner?

Allied Digital is a Master Systems Integrator. We have pioneered system integrations expertise by building complex IT solutions by integrating standalone systems seamlessly across the globe.

Our System Integration Offerings

As a Master Systems Integrator, we design and manage infrastructure, architect and operationalize software applications, customize application integration experience and nurture broad product vendor relationships for support. These are bundled with large project management and consulting experience. The bottom line is “We solve the jigsaw puzzle, make it operationalized and provide comprehensive support.”

We leverage our middleware platform-tools expertise, hardware engineering, data migration, security-challenge learnings and our capability to build integrated command center and analytic dashboards. Our system integration architecture stack encompasses right from passive and active network planning, data and security management, systems with API integration, custom microservices development to AI enablement, computer vision and visualization tools deployment.

Our unique expertise in large video and IoT-based applications has created many success stories such as

  • Safe/Smart Cities and Smart Campus Solutions
  • IoT based applications
  • Video based solutions (e.g. Social distancing, face recognition, surveillance, etc.)
  • Physical security solutions

Our Experience in System Integrations

Transformation without compromise

  • Over 5 smart cities deployed
  • Over 25 enterprise-grade ICT based turnkey projects
  • Certified experts on various data centre technologies like Cisco, VMWare, DELL, HPE, HCI, Microsoft, RHEL, SD-WAN, Disaster Recovery
  • Over 35 highly experienced professionals
  • Experience in deployment of PSIM, Video Intelligence, AI, IOT based solutions
  • Skills in cybersecurity solutions deployment like SIEM, Advance Persistent Threat, DLP, Network Behaviour Solutions System and Application Performance Monitoring & Management

Benefits of System Integrations

Transformation without compromise

  • One-stop-shop for various technologies
  • Vendor agnostic and customer-centric
  • End-to-end project lifecycle from design to deployment to management
  • Future proof scalable solutions
  • Customized solutions, cost-effective and better ROI

Our System Integration Methodology

Allied Digital - System Integration Methodology

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