Industrial IoT 4.0


Industrial IoT 4.0

Transform your core processes integrating operational technologies on the enterprise information highway to deliver direct value to business.

The Industrial Internet of Things opens plenty of opportunities in automation, optimization, intelligent manufacturing, smart industry, asset performance optimization, industrial control, new ways of servicing customers on-demand and of course, creation of new revenue models.

IIoT is a trending digital transformation enabler that combines IT and OT (operational technologies). The typical architecture consists of thousands of messages coming in from numerous sensors attached to machines, communicating through gateways, subject to real-time analytics and stored into BigData Lakes for correlation and machine learning. The end result is generation of critical events, trends analysis, intelligence which can be acted on to optimize the machine/asset/product performance/quality or a customer experience.

Industry is still coping up with challenges of data security, scalability to large number of devices/sensors, integration of operational technologies (analog/SCADA systems), reliable connectivity to the cloud and improved machine learning.

Data Architecture Overview for lIoT Applications

Allied Digital - Data Architecture Overview for lndustrial IoT Applications

Our Offerings

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    An integrated ecosystem of OEM driven solutions, spanning across installing right sensors/gateways to analytics

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    Cloud native solutions to support data cleansing, storage, real-time analytics and machine learning
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    Ready industry framework of standard use cases, for rapid deployment, with a pilot initiative

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    Support data classification, cleansing, model learning via our data science expertise
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    Enable right integration of sensors to existing PLC controllers/SCADA systems on multiple industry protocols

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    Comprehensive implementation and managed services of IIoT solutions

Our Differentiators

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    Proven Master Systems Integrator - Ecosystem of ready partners and OEMs for comprehensive solution
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    Automation platform and integrated command and control center for real-time event monitoring and analytics
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    Expertise in IoT architecture design with networking/cloud and open source technologies integration due to full-scale experience deploying smart city solutions.
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    Comprehensive managed service support
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    Extensive research ecosystem from our university tie-ups, AI incubation and exchange initiatives.

lIoT Capabilities


  • Data- Consulting and Modeling
  • Scalable Solutions
  • IT-OT integration capabilties
  • Data- ETL, Storage and Integration, Visulation
  • Ready Fameworks and Cloud friendly Platforms

Case Studies

  • Multiple Industries including manufacturing and government
  • Manufacuring case studies
  • Smart city case studies


  • Open Source and Cloud (AWS/Azure)
  • From Ingestion to Visualization
  • Automation
  • Industry control systems


  • 24x7x365 Always-on NOC
  • Centre of Excellence in Service Delivery
  • Multi-vendor multi-cloud comprehensive technology support


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    Maximize Revenue – Scale new markets, improve product quality and throughput.
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    Reduce Time – Ready platform for fast-paced development, Pilot programs to jumpstart digital transformation in factories and plants.
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    Rapid Action - Get near real-time alerts sitting remotely and drive actionable remotely or at centralized command center.
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    Gain Insights - Understand trends and drive valuable analytics.
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    Reduce costs – Boost productivity and efficiency
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