Aurangabad Smart City Project

Aurangabad Smart City Project


Carry out the comprehensive IT Infrastructure Management services of their entire existing and upcoming IT infrastructure.

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  • Enable real-time monitoring of the various facets of the management of Aurangabad
  • Provide the capability to respond in a unified manner to situations on the ground (both day to day and emergencies) by creating a common operational picture for the relevant stakeholder
  • Provide and manage touchpoints from all concerned stakeholders during the lifecycle of various incidents
  • Define and manage the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for various operational aspects of the City Management
  • Provide the capability to analyze the continuous improvement of city operations
  • Make Aurangabad a better place to live by increasing the safety, the livability of the people in the city and effectively providing the delivery of a few urban services.
  • Improve the situational awareness of the city administrators and residents.
  • Provide administrators, citizens, tourists and businesses real-time and actionable information to aid their day-to-day decision making.


  • Command Control Center
  • Operations Command Center
  • 519 Utility Poles
  • Digital Outdoor Display and Kiosks
  • E-Office
  • 700 CCTV Cameras
  • 17 Viewing Center
  • 5 years of Operations and Maintenance
  • Data Center
  • Cyber Security
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Technology integration of future


  • The entire project was implemented within the COVID-19 restrictions. That brought up some unique challenges like restricted material and manpower movement, unavailability of labour, added safety mechanisms like frequent temperature checks and masks to be worn by team members.
  • Local Interference from anti-social elements disrupting deployment, civil works and permissions for selected locations
  • Multiple rounds of surveys due to unavailability of key stakeholders
  • Connectivity Provisioning work slowdown due to permission challenges and service provider issues
  • Rework due to unavailability of finalized equipment due to slowdown in manufacturing operations because of COVID-19 restrictions


  • Surveillance with Video Enabled Analytics provides effective monitoring of the city with limited operators and ensures the safety of the citizens.
  • Attendance tracking of corporation employees due to the modernization of workplace
  • Viewing Centers enabling collaborative monitoring with local police stations
  • Future-ready and Scalable IT Infrastructure
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