Overview of IT as a Service (ITaaS)

Due to the current economic downturn, it is no surprise that IT budgets have been significantly reduced. IT staff has been trimmed to the bare bone; to the point where only basic day-to-day support can be handled, leaving little or no bandwidth to address strategic IT concerns. And, most IT improvement projects have been put on hold for so long, that IT is in dire need of the level of modernization required to support today’s agile business.

Allied Digital's 'IT as a Service' (ITaaS) offering is a fully managed set of support services and solutions to help our clients with any and all IT challenges, including: modernization, transformation, as well as radical cost reduction. Our offering comprises of enterprise grade IT infrastructure as well as applications. We typically play a collaborative role with IT in helping to bring about changes and transformations. Our field tested consults as well as implementation experts are intimately familiar with the notion that Business Transformation can only be brought about by first aligning people, processes and technologies. We have made every effort to design our ITaaS offering to be very cost-effective and highly customizable so that we may help the most number of clients adapt to and survive today’s ever changing business landscape.

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